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Hey guys,

Is it possible to have a random desktop wallpaper in windows vista or does anyone have an app that can do it?

I have about 650 hi-res landscape/nature photos and i'd like vista to choose a different one randomly each start-up.

In windows XP i was able to write a little app in Visual Basic that chooses a random file out of the directory its run from and i just stuck it in the startup folder, but unfortunatly it doesn't work on vista (i think the API call that asks the system to change the wall paper doesn't exist in vista - i can't be sure because i havn't installed VB on this computer)

tweakVI is able to do it, but i would have to manually add each one of the 650 files to the list in the program and also put up with having tweakVI minimized to the tray on every start-up.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Webshot Desktop allows you to pick the directory where it is pulled from. Its all pictures, no movie support.
  2. I really would like a program which can do that. I relly hate Webshot though because it's slow and the interface is kind of weird. Worth a try though...
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  4. Quote:
    I would look at these right here. Most should work in Vista.

    I found these:

    They work in Vista.

    WimpWall from nonags is perfect!
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