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So.....I'm building my first computer. I had all the hardware picked out, and was ready to go when I realized I was going to need an OS. I don't want to deal with Vista yet, so I'm going with XP, but I don't know which version to get. My university recommends Pro, and in fact will sell you a copy for it for $14.95 (Hooray for volume liscencing), but I already bought a copy (you can only buy one) and installed it on my laptop (you can only install it once).

I vaguely remember that Home doesn't support Dual Core CPUs or some such like that, but I'm not entirely sure I didn't just make that up.

So, basically my question is: For a computer that'll be used 90% for gaming with a little web surfing thrown in, what version of XP should I pick up?
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  1. Unless you're computer will be joining a domain, you will get by just fine with XP Home. Home supports as many cores as you can fit into a single socket... which means that yes, it will even support new quad-core CPUs... since they will only occupy a single CPU socket.
  2. Ahh.....I see. The thing about the the cores makes a lot more sense than what I said. However....just to make sure I'm not missing anything..."joining a domain" means what exactly?
  3. Domains are business oriented. You would have a central server.

    If you're at home, you probably have a router connected to a cable/dsl modem. Nothing fancy.

    A domain would have a central server your computer 'attaches' with to get information, routing, user accounts, etc.

    Its business stuff to allow 1 server to control multiple computers.
  4. Gottit.....thanks a lot for your help. :)
  5. I use internet and play games on LAN and Windows XP Professional Edition with SP2 works fine without any problems.

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