Help! Win XP Pro Recovery in BSOD...

Please help, if you can...

After electrical interruption, BSOD with "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME",
and in error codes after STOP, one of the parameters [...32], which MS states - means file system damage.

I CANNOT get past this screen. PC will NOT boot into safe mode [F8], none of the options to boot work ...

I have retail Win XP Pro Upgrade CD with SP2. HD is set to boot from CD, and I'm booting from this CD, trying to go to recovery console to run commands - chkdsk /r, chkdsk /f, chkdsk /p, fixboot, fixmbr... but stumbling on Administrator Password...Hitting 'Enter' on prompt, without any entry, leaving it blank, gets: 'Invalid passsword', so, it doesn't work...
I don't remember it, and never used it in my daily computing, but guess I might set it (myself) up ... when I reinstalled Windows last time (three years ago), when I build this - my first PC.

HD is 120 GB, one partition, only Win XP SP1 on it. Yes, I know, it's shame, but I was in the process of saving my data and planning to repartition HD for multi boot: WXP Pro SP2, Ubuntu FF, Solaris, BSD, etc. Just didn't do it on time, still need to finish saving some data from it, otherwise would just go ahead and repartition...

? 1) So, am I out of luck if I can't find password?
? 2) Is there a way to fix it bypassing password or changing it somehow without booting into windows?
If I can get in Recovery Console, running fixing commands will probably fix it.

Althou I have Serial HD laying on shelf.
? 3) Maybe I should just partition it and put this HD (with BSOD) as slave, and then extract data from it? Will it work?
I read that Linux is flaky on Serial HDs, thou...
? 4) Is Linux on Serial HD work, or is it troublesome?
? 5) Will Serial HD work well with PATA HD on the same system? Or should it be avided?

I'm online now on the same PC thru Linux Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Live CD, and wow - even screen savers are marvelous (chess game in progress, etc) !!!

Hope to hear from you! Thank you in advance, will check on it tomorrow.
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  1. Did you try hitting just Enter for the password. If you need to remove the password, go to At the recovery console, use chkdsk c: /p/r and you might need to run chkdsk more then once.

  2. Hitting 'Enter' on prompt gets: 'Invalid passsword', so, it doesn't work...

    Will try your link to remove password later today.
    ? - Will that downloaded utility work if done thru Ubuntu Linux?

    Thank you!
  3. It's a bootable CD.

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