Vista doesn't detect my HD despite drv

I can't install vista ultimate on my ATA HD. MY HD is connected to promise ATA 133MHZ adapter card. I have the latest driver for the card.

Vista won't load the driver when I point it toward the floppy drive. Vista only detect my serial ATA HD.

How can I make Vista detect my HD on promise ATA card? Vista installation is more painful than I imagined. :evil:
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    Did you ever run the upgrade advisor? It is really pretty good and will tell you about any problems that you may face before getting started. It may even offer solutions or work-arounds.

    Have you gone to the Promise web-site to see if they have a solution to this problem? It has been a long time since I used an external Promise ATA controller but I think they are about as generic as they come. It is possible you could have other issues, such as also having your built-in ata controller still enabled...

    Also, another good place for information (besides here) is Windows Vista Community where they have specific Vista oriented forums for 'hardware and devices' AND 'installation and setup'.

    wish you better luck moving forward...
  2. My only thought would be go into your BIOS, and alter the order of where the BIOS looks, putting your ATA before your SATA drive.
  3. my bios doesnt' detect the ATA HD but the HD section shows all the HD. The boot priority shows the ATA HD.

    I installed the driver for XP, or 2003 but no success. Vista is like 2003 that it can't detect it. my old HD is WD 400GB. :cry:
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