nvidia 158.22 drivers release for windows XP on MAY 2

check out the new drivers from nvidia anyone used them yet
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  1. Yep. Confirmed with the Slingbox people they won't work with Slingbox Pro on Vista 32. Otherwise seemed to work well.
  2. good shit i'm going to try them out cuz the most recent one messed up my video codecs somehow.
  3. man... nvidia drivers fucking suck right now. Period.

    The best one is the 97.92 drivers. If anyone can inform me of any better drivers let me know thanks.

    this 158.22 is causing crashes with bf2142 and the video codecs for anime are messed up with the top right corner freaking out still.
  4. Using the new drivers a cannot adjust the GPU fan speed anymore in nTune.
  5. I just started using them and so far I haven't noticed any major problems, but performance didn't appear to be any better either. :?
  6. i totally agree man. i am having video problems too when i installed 158.19 drivers. but 158.22 videos are working now. Maybe Nvidia and ATi are swapping roles. ATi is coming with good drivers and NVidia is messing around now.
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