Nvidia doesn't have correct driver for FX series card

Why isn't Nvidia making the latest driver for final Vista? I download the series FX driver 96.85 for vista but it wasn't compatible. Now I have to download older version 88.61 from its web site. MS is using some shitty default driver which suppose to run at 1600X1200 resolution but I see the display at 1600X1024.

Does anyone have problem with series FX driver card??
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  1. What graphics card and version of Vista are you running?
  2. I am using Nvidia 5700 FX card. My pc runs on vista ultimate version.
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    Ah - that explains it.

    You're right - Nvidia is not really bothered about offering prompt support for card 4 generations behind their current range.

  4. Oh great. this is just &*#@# great . Nvidia now force us to upgrade too.
  5. Without being rude, it's an out of date card, wasn't great when it first came out and now is just crap.
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