NVidia lawsuit for Vista Users

I just saw this information on a few news sites. It looks like people are possibly looking to take action against NVidia for their lack of action. It may not end up as much, but it is interesting to see:
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  1. AKA People are dumb.

    It won't fly.
  2. no one is rich enough to take on large corporations.
  3. i agree --- that no one is rich to take on large corporations--- but class action does afford opportunity if one of lessor class should take on a large corporation.

    The question that remains --- is it valid suit ---- and is it fault of microsoft or nvidia --- in other words if microsoft gave certain spec that nvida relied on and nividia relied on such specs --- then who is to blame.
  4. ATi cards are no where near as problematic, however... so I think that shoots down your theory. That is, unless you want to accuse MS of also favoring AMD/ATi over Inel/nVidia.
  5. I dont know what is wrong --- but to me something is wrong with vista when such multimillion dollar companies such as nividia and intuit (quickbooks version 2007) has problem with vista. Maybe ati cards ok with vista -- but does not help me at all as my business software will not run on vista or will run with big performance hit---- this is my beef --- and will continue to be my beef until vista resolves problem --- maybe this forum does not relate to business community --- or maybe this forum is only for vista and i am lost --- this be as it may --- i can only offer what vista does for me --- which is nothing.
  6. The only problem I'm having with my nVidia DirectX10 (Geforce 8500 GT) card is that my DVD-RW driver got damaged. Otherwise, huge improvement over my Radeon X1300.
  7. Quote:
    no one is rich enough to take on large corporations.

    Hence the Class-Action law suit. A class action has hundreds of people combining together under the same problems. Generally, class action law suits are strong because there are so many people backing a single cause against a single entity.

    Had it been one person, it wouldn't fly. Now, with so many people saying the same issue.. that's the catch. But, they have to have enough people sign up to proceed.. that's why the website is there to see a lawsuit can exist - opening line of the webpage.

    You might pay $200 to join in, sue, win, get back $15 out of the $5,000,000 lawsuit because the other 1,000,000 people who signed up complained.

    Class action law suits won't make you rich, they effectively make an entity do what the group of people demand.
  8. You are not being forced to upgrade to Vista. I don't know why you believe that just because MS stops releasing patches to an OS, you automatically have to stop using that OS and move to a newer one. That is simply just not the case. If XP runs just fine for you... stick with it... there is NO reason for you to upgrade.

    Most banks here in Canada don't even use XP on their workstations... they use Win 2K. (Even this is a somewhat recent switch; they were using NT 4.0 up until about 2 or 3 years ago). One bank even uses Windows 95 on their workstations. Now if they can stick with 95 for more than 10 years, I'm sure you're going to get a little more mileage out of XP.

    You're NOT being forced to upgrade... and I don't understand why you seem to believe that you are...
  9. Hmm...after reading your post I went back and re-read dsharp9000's two posts in this thread. I didn't see where he posted that he believed/thought he was forced to upgrade.

    What I read is a person unhappy with a product he purchased...
  10. Hmmm... maybe you should read the other 30 or 40 posts he has made since you were here last.

    Then you might start to see him as just unhappy (or not).
  11. Unhappy or not, I didn't see where he posted that he believed/thought he was forced to upgrade.
  12. I am sure he stated exactly that sentiment in several of his earlier post. Look around, you'll find them.
  13. No, he didn't make it clear in this thread... but I can see where he was headed from this post in another thread:

    I am in no hurry --- but am in hurry in some sense --- as microsoft is ending xp offering from major vendors such as dell at the end of year--- maybe you are not business user and dont understand ramification of this to me --- but is major hit to me --- so yes i can sit back and enjoy xp --- but at end of year it comes to end --- and cant afford to build vista or special oem xp computer to support business --- maybe im taking frustration out in wrong forum--- but am frustrated to point that realize that nothing will change --- even opinions in this forum --- maybe im not technically correct --- but know unless i find something quick --- i am in trouble--- either way it costs my business a lot of money.

    He seems to be under the impression that just because new patches for an OS aren't released anymore, then that OS becomes useless. It doesn't matter if the OS isn't being patched anymore... as long as it's running everything you want the way you want... there is NO push to upgrade.
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