If you only Game should you Vista or stay with XP?

im putting together a new PC really soon, i already have all my parts picked out, I own botch Vista Home Premium and XP.
The PC is basically for gaming and web surfing.
Im sure the PC can handle Vista, the prob is, which will give me better performance for Gamses? Like on which do I get more frames per second?

This are the parts Im planning to buil my PC:

Aside from the Stuff picture Below, I also have a Audigy 2zs for sound card.

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    if you already own both oses why not dual boot?! that way you can actually see for yourself what works best for you and your rig: vista, xp or both.
    search the forumz for this topic as it is discussed frequently.
  2. I have to agree with assman --- if you have both xp and vista at disposal and your goal is gaming --- then why not dual boot --- xp has advantages in present --- but in future vista may have advantages especially in view of dx10

    P. S. --- xp will give you better frame rate --- but if you have dual boot system --- then you can use both
  3. Welll im not into dual boot, but im also about to upgrade my pc soon and i have raid o but i decided to split the drives into 2 seperate ones and ill put xp on 1 and vista on the other, when i get it.
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