HP DV9235nr for Linux

Has anyone installed a version of Linux on this model of an HP laptop or anything close to it? I'm new to Linux and want to get a working version for it.
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  1. I would suggest trying knoppix, DSL or Ubuntu on it first:




    Knoppix is a 700MB download while DSL is about 50MB and Ubuntu about 700MB.

    If DSL, Knoppix or the Ubuntu Live CD runs then you should have few issues during the install.

    When you get one of these booted I would suggest you launch a terminal and run


    # or

    /sbin/lspci -vvvv

    And either save the information to a USB stick, memory card or get online and post it here or PM it to me.

    That way we can comment on your exact hardware rather than having to guess.

    For installation I would recommend Ubuntu or Fedora Core for starters or [b]both[/b]

    GL :-D
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