Windows Media Player 11 on second sound device

I am using Windows Media Player 11 and would like to run all sound from this program through my onboard sound instead of through my Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 all other sound I wish to keep on my Audigy is there any way to achieve this?
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  1. Are you doing this so you can listen to music while other sounds are coming through the Audigy card?
  2. Sort of. What I am trying to do is run an online radio station which plays through Windows Media Player on a channel in my Ventrilo server. If I do not run this on a second computer or second sound device I am forced to listen to the station constantly while listening to game sounds as well as other people talking. At the moment I do not have a second computer so this route is not viable
  3. I am not aware of a way without going back and forth into the sound properties for the devices when you want it for that application. Some very specifically written apps will use mb sound instead of allowing it to go through an external device, but normal Windows apps will only use the single default sound device at a time.
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