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I promised myself if I ever fix this "Last" problem I have for Vista, I would tell everyone about it. The problem has plagued my computer for weeks and the Internet had very little advice on how to fix it. So in case any of you have this problem currently or god forbid, in the future, now you'll know everything there is in how to fix it! :D I love sharing information that actually is useful.

My Vista Problem: My Control Panel kept closing. I would try to open the Control Panel, and it would just instantly disappear! Also, my printer wouldn't work because of this problem. So I went searching for a solution. To my surprise, there were many others who encountered the same problem. There was a "temporary fix" to the problem. Basically, if you can't use your control panel, just launch services.msc from a run command and restart the Software Licensing Service (SLsvc).

This fixed the problem "temporarily", but I had to do this "temp fix" every time I restart my computer. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy and it seemed no one knew the answer to this crazy problem some of us are having on all different sorts of computer configurations.

So everyday for the past couple weeks I'm going through the stupid temp fix and trying everything I possibly can to fix this awful problem.

** Note: After further testing of a possible solution, I find that it's not as great as I thought it was. I'm back to the "temporary" fix and willing to take any advice or solutions that you have. Thank you.
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  1. Now that's a legit new-OS bug! :lol:
  2. Stupid question, what kind of security rights does your user account have?

    Enable the administrator account and grant your account Admin rights if you don't have them already.

    I suspect you may have changed the UAC in your Local Security Policy to deny permission instead of grant or elevate permissions?
  3. That's a very good, valid question you asked. And thanks for your reply, I appreciate any help I get on this issue.

    The first thing I did after installing Windows Vista is enable and log onto the Administrator account.

    I believe this problem has something to do with SLsvc.
  4. Special thanks to The Geek and the Communities at Tech Guy and TGForumz for their help in this matter. We're still looking for a permanent fix so please keep replying with more advice and possible solutions to this problem, thank you!

    How To Create A Batch File To Restart Software Licensing

    1. Create a New Text Document onto your Desktop.

    2. Open the Document and copy and paste the following:

    @net stop "Software Licensing"
    @net start "Software Licensing"

    3. Save and Close the Document.

    4. Rename the Document [something].bat (eg. tempFix.bat)

    5. Right click on the file, select Properties, and make sure that you specify to run the script in administrative mode.

    6. Move the file into your Startup folder.

    7. Restart your Computer and the script will automatically restart Software Licensing for you! TempFix 2.0 for Vista's Control Panel.


    Keep the suggestions coming! Thank you :)

    Right from Microsoft... looks like a good read and possibly a driver error with Nvidia or a printer from what I skimmed. I didn't read the whole thing, only looked it over and saw people were figuring out where the problem started.

    Hopefully that link is some help to you. Also PM'd this link to you for easy access.
  6. thank god I don't have this problem. My vista disk is good.
  7. I recently did some fixes to my computer and got some GREAT results.

    After doing some HD Benchmarks on my old set up with the 3ware RAID Controller card, I found out I was capped at 100MB/s. After doing some research, I found a lot of websites that confirmed this. That was unacceptable especially since the 3ware RAID controller card cost me $300. I'm returning it for a refund now and got my on-board RAID to work last night.

    After reading through various NVIDIA instructions, I found out there was a "Bootable" RAID option that I missed before. Which was the reason I couldn't get it to work in the past. Now when I run the HD Benchmarks, I get TWICE the performance that I got before. +$300 and double the performance, Wow.

    I also found out why my NVIDIA control panel kept crashing and why I was having various problems in Vista. If you're going to install the MB drivers, you need to uninstall your video drivers first, then install the MB drivers, and finally install the video drivers.

    Currently, I'm experiencing no Control Panel problems and my HD's are blazing fast.
  8. Congrats! That is fantastic... Like you say, for all practical purposes you just doubled your hd performance and got a full rebate on Vista to boot.

    I found that raid in Vista seems to be much faster that I was experiencing in XP and especially on a built-in controller (maybe it is just the 64-bit version). What raid are you running 0, 5, something else? Have you run HD Tach yet?

    another bitch bites the dust!
  9. Thanks. I'm running RAID 0, and yourself? Here's a screenshot of HD Tach.

    My burst speed more than doubled compared to what I was getting with the "true hardware" 3ware RAID controller card! I'm definately an on-board RAID fan now, lol. :o

    Post up a screenshot of your HD Tach, I'd like to compare. 8)
  10. I don't have a screen shot handy (but I'll get one when you tell me I'm full of s**t... :P ). I have an intel matrix-raid setup on a badaxe2 (ich7r) - this is with the hd tach's '32MB zones' test on a 500G raid 0 setup.

    I didn't know there was a 3.0.4 version out, I'm running 3.0.1 - If I can find it, I'll update tonight and see if it kills my burst spd numbers (they're kind of embarassing)...

    burst speed: . 1757MBs (write cache is great).
    avg access: ... 10.1ms
    avg read: ....... 301.5 MB/s (and the plot is is a bit flatter than yours across the entire 500G)

    also a 1.1T raid 5 but as you would expect with raid 5, it is little slower.

    How did you get a nice clean screen-shot (I always get the entire desktop)? Do you need a site to sponser your jpg or will tom's do it using the img button?
  11. I'd like to see a screenshot of your results using the 3.0.4 version. You can download the latest version at:

    Download Link for HD Tach 3.0.4

    When taking a screenshot on Windows, push the Print Screen key found on your keyboard. Then open Windows Paint and hit ctrl + v to paste it into Paint. Use the Select icon to select the area you wish to have in your final picture. Once selected, hit ctrl + x to cut the selected picture, go to File > New and don't save your original screenshot. Resize the blank image to a smaller size than what you just cut. Hit ctrl + v to paste it the selected image into paint. Save as a jpeg and upload to a server online. (I use a free server hosted by my University, but I also have a free server hosted by my ISP provider, Comcast.) Then type the following example in a post, changing the URL of the image for your own.

  12. Thanks for the info - I had the new hd tach running last night and the numbers were pretty much the same (the burst spd dropped 10MB/s). Also got good screen-shots, as soon as my ISP gets around to it, I'll have them host my pics --- watch for a jpg coming your way!

    the same numbers on my raid 5 drive are...
    burst speed: . 1675 MB/s
    avg access: ... 13 ms
    avg read: ....... 178.7 MB/s (avg across 1.1T)

    raid 5 takes quite a hit compared to raid 0 - but its safer and I live with it...
  13. Finally. Here ya go - see, no b.s. :twisted:

    This is Vista 64 using Intel's ich7r controller. I think that Intel has just figured out how to leverage the 3.0G sata interface and make it scream in the 64-bit enviornment - it is considerably stronger than any 32-bit version I've run it on and either Vista works better than either XP.

    Drive C - a bad-ass raid 0 setup

    Drive D - its safe and I'm not sorry

    the preview worked... now if I can submit.
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