Need help designing Dual 8800gtx system

-edit: $1000 budget is gone. I need help with....

-Case, would like a window and major cooling power
-Power supply, 750watt?? I don't care about noise cause i never leave it on and game with headphones
-Mobo, i dont want to have to upgrade this within the next year.
-Ram, starting with 2 gigs but going to 4, i need slots
-CPU, don't want something ultra expensive, Id prefer around $300 if possible and id like the ability to add another eventually if possible
-HD, doesnt have to be big, just fast
-GPU, starting with 8800gtx but will be going to two
-Drives, Just 1 DVD-rw, and one DVD

Im gonna look through some previous builds but honestly im a nub when it comes to building comps. I just want a project for the summer. Anything im forgetting?
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  1. Start with one of Sanji's $1000 builds. I like Core2Duo but for just gaming the AMD rig is awesome
    Sanji's Guide to Gaming PCs on a Budget
  2. The recent price drop of the E4300 makes it *even* more attractive as the basis for a budget PC.
  3. thinking about that intel ultimate $2000 build...

    but i decided im getting this case if everything will fit anyone know?
  4. can't be sure but it looks like the bottom HD cage would be in the way of the GTX's
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