Scroll Wheel Amount Keeps Changing!

Hey guys,
Everytime I boot up my PC, the mouse settings never seem to be saved from the last time. In the Mouse properties, it always seems to set the scroll wheel amount to "30" lines, and I always need to change it back to "3" everytime I boot. Is there a way to fix this issue?

edit: I'm using a Razer Abyssus mouse
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  1. Do you have the Razer software installed? If so, there should be a tab in the software for scroll wheel speed. Most likely it is set to 30 in the software which is overwriting the setting you have in the mouse properties every time you restart the computer.

    It looks like its just a variable slider and not a number, but you can see what the software page should look like on page 5 of the PDF manual from Razer
  2. I had the same issue... install driver 2.0 from razer... with 2.1 you will keep having same problem
  3. Gonna try driver version 1.0 for Abyssus if it can fix it
  4. Got installed Razer 1.0, same problem
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