Applying Thermal Grease???please help

I am living in United Arab Emirates where Temperature gets really high..nowadays its around 40 and in june it will jump to 45 and (july and august 50 degree) i want to keep my pc in its better condition regarding cooling.

my system specs are
Motherboard : Asus A8N32 SLI - Deluxe
CPU : AMD ATHLON 64 X2 Dual Core +4400 @2.21Ghz - 2MB L2 Cache
Cpu Cooler : Zalman CNPS9500 LED
Graphics Card: XFX GTS 8800 640MB
Ram : 1GB (one Stick) Corsair PC 3200 (Model No : vs1GB400C3)..soon to be placed with 2GB DDR XMS Corsair Rams)
Keyboard: Trantula Razer Gaming Keyboard
Mouse : Logitech G7 Gaming Mouse
LCD: Benq 19 inch
MousePad : Xtrac Ripper XXL
WebCam : Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition
PowerSupply : Aopen 400watt (Next month to be upgraded to OCZ GameXStream OCZ 850W GXSSLI)

i wonder when applying the thermal grease(this is the second time since the first one was when i bought the Zalman cooler) that came with the zalman cooler...shall i apply it directly ....or shall i clean the old one...what exactly shall i do....???? i am preparing myself for the hot summer....:)
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More about applying thermal grease please help
  1. 1| Take a razar blade, scrape off the old stuff.
    2| Get a lintless cloth (coffee filter works perfect) and use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaing grease.
    3| apply new grease.
  2. Look at these instructions. Arctic Silver is considered among the best thermal greases:
  3. Are those the indoor temperatures? You don't have air conditioning? If so, no matter how good you spread the grease and how good the heatsink, you will have horrendous cooling. You may want to consider underclocking and lowering the cpu voltage to minimize heat in the summer.

    As for removing thermal grease, just wipe it off and clean it with isopropanol. Don't scrape it. You may scratch the heatsink with a razor blade. There are a couple methods to apply the new grease.

    1. Apply a thin bead down the middle the entire length of the cpu. When you apply the heatsink, the grease will spread out.

    2. Apply some grease to the cpu and then use the edge of a plastic card or something to spread a very thin, even layer over the entire cpu.

    Both seem to work well for people. Good Luck!

    Edit: Yah! 100 posts! :D
  4. Ive put compound on pretty much every way possible and it really doesnt make much difference as long as you use enough and not too much.

    I've done the dab in the middle, line down center, spread all over, add only to CPU, add only to HS, Add to both cpu and HS, it never made more then 2C difference.
  5. No way they could be indoor temps. 50 degrees inside a house? I don't think so.
  6. Clean the surface, apply a small amount of paste, spread it thin and evenly using a razor or credit card, place heatsink and secure mounts.
  7. Quote:
    No way they could be indoor temps. 50 degrees inside a house? I don't think so.

    it wouldn’t surprise me my girlfriend is going to Botswana tomorrow to see here mum and its about 35 in winter there and indoors would be like a oven.

    from my experience how you apply it wont matter to much as long as you use the rite amount what type of cooling do you use (air, water etc) and what type of cooler do you have that would be more important if you have the stock cooler then think about buying a new one. Or go water cooling
  8. first i wanna thank everyone that answered my thread....sorry seems i forgot my thread due to busy work....
    the temp 50 which i mentioned in my thread is outside the home..
    i have an AMD Dual core +4400 @2.2 Ghz stock speed
    i have Zalman CNPS9500 LED cpu cooler.
    anyway i think people here answered my query and thanx to everyone shared the info with me :)

    just one more clean the old paste by using a ednet pc hardware cleaner(which is mostly alcoholic) it fine?
    thanx in advance:)
  9. Scroll down to post #19 in this thread.
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