my western digital 60gb hard drive is dying slow

my usb 60gb western digital hard drive is dying the smart test said it was.

I am using it as a backup drive (have all my freeware and pictures on it) :(

when its hooked up as slave it makes the main hard drive which is a western digital 20gb ( master/drive C: ) really slow. When I load a recovery program like handy recovery I can see all my folders and stuff on the hard drive that is dying. But when I try to save them to my other usb 80gb hard drive, it just locks up does not seem to transfer any files. I also tried to use "pc inspector file recovery" I get sector errors and have to keep hitting retry nothing works. The drive will show up in windows but when I click on it error comes up "F:/incorrent paramater"

anybody have any ideas on what to do?

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  1. If you can, back up the files to DVD's. Another option is to plug it into another machine with enough hard drive and back up the files there.
  2. Stop using the drive immediately, although it may already be too late. Buy a new HD, 80-160GB or more if you want. Purchase and download a copy of SpinRite, read the directions completely before beginning, and use it to attempt to save your data.

    GRC | SpinRite 5.0 to 6.0
  3. Model: Ascendtech 120GB EIDE
    Access time- 8.5ms AVG.
    Capacity- 120GB
    Data Buffer (Cache)- 2MB
    Device Type- Internal hard drive
    Data Transfer Rate- 100MB / 133MB
    Form Factor (Drive)- 3.5-inch low profile
    Interface- EIDE
    Rotational Speed- 5400 /// 7200 rpm (Optional)
    Operating System- Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT & Vista


    I dont want to spend over 50 bucks on a hard drive.
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