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I have a problem with explorer had it before and after reformating deep and fresh reinstall cant load java or activex at all and I get no yellow warning bars.Java would not install auto or manual from the java site.
So I went sun's site and got it to install from the download but still nothing
works.Wont a virus scan find a boot sector bug?It affects firefox to so I cant go to support site because they have errors where contact buttons should be.winxp pro updated from original to 1 then sp2.Its oem so it $59
at microsoft for support.My software skills are sadly lacking or I would look in the regestry but I would'nt know what to look for.Im a hardware guy not software.By the way it runs games just fine and no problems with
any other software.
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  1. no boot sectore virus can be killed by zeroing out the sectors.

    to do that you need to boot to recovery console and use the command fixmbr then format and install
  2. not to sure its a virus though only problem is with activex and javascript.
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