barebone laptop/notebook without motherboard

Would anyone know of a source of barebone laptop/notebook machines, supplied _without_ motherboard?
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  1. The biggest problem with building a laptop is you really don't save money. I know from a previous search a 15'4" screen alone is $400.
  2. also need to add, that laptop motherboards are unique to each design case, so you wont likely be able to find one that fits the basically empty clamshell your looking for.
  3. runswindows95: lists an MSI barebone having a 15.4 inch screen (with motherboard) for $571 so I would hope that, without the motherboard, it should be possible to source the case, screen, psu etc for considerably less.


    The motherboard which I have in mind is considerably smaller than 'normal', so I guess that there should be enough space for it
  4. Overall, it's not worth building a laptop. For $889, you can get this. Again, you don't save money by building a laptop considering the CPU in that Toshiba is $207.
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