Antivirus Question - Another year with Norton or NOD?

I am soon to be coming to the end of my 1 year subscription to Norton Antivirus 2005.

I am contemplating over whether or not I should reinstall Windows and my special copy of Norton 2005 and get another year with Norton 2005 or whether I move onto a lighter Anti Virus package.

Norton has the deepest protection but sometimes it can be very weighty on system resources - manipulating large files invokes Norton to pop up with a note saying "an application is awaiting a scan of etc etc" and it slows the machine down quite a bit. Also, when I first set up my rig, I notcied that after setting up Norton and restarting the computer the Windows XP logo with the blue animated bar would freeze for about 20 seconds before the logon screen loads. This behaviour would be present on every restart so long as Norton 2005 was installed. In that light, I would like something that does the job and is extremely light on system resources to the point where I barely notice I have any protection! :lol: Also one which doesn't stall the system on the loading screen for 20 seconds!! :x

I am looking for an anti virus package which is as effective as Norton 2005 (or 2007) in catching and destroying any viruses that may enter the system, but is not intrusive and heavy on system resources. Would NOD 32 fit the bill or can any of you gurus recommend an alternative??
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  1. Quote:
    Norton has the deepest protection
    I am looking for an anti virus package which is as effective as Norton 2005 (or 2007) in catching and destroying any viruses that may enter the system

    lol, are kidding?! norton is crap, and this is not just an opinion. check out for yourself: 2007 comparatives

    nod32 and kaspersky are generally speaking the top 2. kaspersky has an easier to use gui whereas nod32 is more advanced in terms of controls and settings. my suggestion is go for nod32, it has advanced protection and doesn't put much load on the system 8) . gl
  2. the only deep thing Norton has is how deep it depletes your CPU.

    go with nod32 its a much better anti virus ;)
  3. exactly :wink:
  4. I've been using Nod32 for quite some time. I love it. The features take some learning, but it'll do whatever you want.
  5. yeah, i love nod as well 8)
  6. Hello

    I have Norton 2007 running on my System
    I use to use NOD32 in 2006 but i hate it coz it wasnt good AntiVirus tool
    When i first install Norton 2007 it found 6 Virus that NOD32 miss
    So i be with Norton for a few more years
  7. nod has an advanced gui, you need to set it up correctly before use :!:
  8. lol exactly, if norton found something nod did not its because of settings in your nod ;)
  9. So does this mean that when I go to NOD 32 I will have a whole heap of hurdles in setting the damn thing up?

    I thought NOD 32 is meant to be one of those where you install on the default settings and then you forget about it!?!

    Last thing I want to be doing is spending time setting up NOD 32 because of its complicated GUI by which time 16 trojans have managed to infect my PC while I was busy trawling the NOD 32 manual trying to work out the bloody interface!! :?
  10. I'm not sure who told you that a good av is one where you install and forget it about it but that is not good.

    a good av is one that protects you better and nod is better then Norton, not to mention how much faster and lighter it is.

    as for nod setting use one profile to use for all scan types then for that profile set you settings like this:

    as you can see on the top right corner of the pic I'm using the control center profile as my default and those is the settings for it.

    you spend good money on RAM, don't put in in Norton's pockets, put it in your own ; )
  11. agree, and don't forget about the "actions" set up
  12. Thank you for your in depth explanation - there should be more forum posters of your type around! :lol:

    So how much of my juicy 2GB has Norton been stealing for itself then??

  13. look in the processes tab in the task manager and see how many are for Norton (gonna be over 8) and then add all the memory its using.
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