Vista Ultimate 64 – what will be needed?

Hi, everybody, I’m buying a new PC. My rig –
Processor: E6400
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-945P-S3/ GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3
Graphics Card: EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
RAM: 2x1GB stick

I want to use vista ultimate 64bit OS. I have been reading all the forums about vista ultimate 64bit, but I couldn’t get a clear idea about what specific should I do for the vista ultimate 64bit with this rig. :?
I want to know, is it enough just to get the latest graphics card driver and BIOS update. Or I’ve to do other things like tweaking some setups for both hardware & software and update other things beside graphics card driver and BIOS.
Thanks for reading. I don’t know much about these things that’s why I’m asking for experts’ help (that would be U guys). :) Thanks in advance, any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks. :D
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  1. Ok, just going by the first sentence... do it. The hardware you have listed should support it just fine (go with the 965 base MB).

    However, there is nothing in that hardware list that a 64-bit version OS will be able to leverage over the 32-bit version.

    re: 'the latest'. I know that when you pull the trigger, you will only just get a slice of the current technology. But, your list sadly to say... the slice you have chosen is on the lower end and is already a generation out of date. at the performance level you have chosen to go with, you should wait a very short time....

    At a minimum, go with an e6420 (but IMO consider one with the larger cache (e66x0) and with the current pricing rumors, and if you can wait a very short bit, possibly something with 4 cores and if you can wait to Q3 you can get a 45nm version - cooler & faster).

    on to the MoBo - the new Intel bearlake chipset (<x>38) is due shortly - and it will obsolete all of the current 9xx series ones. If you are going to stay with Gateway - beat the bushes and read all of the reviews (each, mostly taken with a grain of salt).

    on to 'the latest' graphics - Nvidia is releasing the 'Ultra' which probably will lead to GTS 'Ultra' - may want to hang in there a bit for that... ATI has just released the 2900 series (the list goes on)

    finally, you may want to start digging around for 2x2G ddr2 so you can eventually get up to 8G on your mobo or (again Q3) there will soon be several ddr3 packages hitting the market and your 'current' mobo won't support them...

    Again, your current list, above, should work just fine - just don't expect to get anything special out of 64-bit Vista other than a slightly more difficult time making sure you get 64-bit compatable system-type software.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the suggestion and info. :D I know my rig is in the low end, because at this moment I can’t afford to by quad core processors or the other high end stuff. Unfortunately things are complicated so I can’t even wait. :( I’ll use my pc mainly for gaming. :) With my budget I can only buy this rig. I have no intention for a major upgrade, I’ll just buy a new PC when I’ll need and can afford. I’m going for vista mainly because of DX10 (games). Another major problem is, my country is pretty slow. So the new things will be available here after about 6 months from the release date and also the price will be pretty high. So for now this is the best I can get (with my calculation). Thanks again for the reply.

    Edit: If I have no use for 64bit then I might stay with 32bit also there are some compatibility issues with the softwares right now.
  3. I think you are right about sticking with 32 bit if you are mostly low-end gaming. It will give you the most flexibility until app compatibility improves in the future and 64 bit gets wider/better support.
  4. On my current setup (listed in signature) I'm using Vista Ultimate 64bit and I'm pretty impressed with it. It might even sound a little silly but I feel like there has been a slight performance increase just by going to the 64bit OS.

    I was using the 32bit OS for about 3 months now and decided to try the 64bit and so far I havent really had any problems with it. The only app I've had problems with is Intel TAT but other than that it seems that my system is running just fine. Of course driver support could be a little better but no different than the 32bit version (for me at least).

    My system is a few knotches below your future system but I'm running it JUST FINE.... And quite happy I might add.

    So hopefully this has helped you out at least a little bit.
  5. 4GB of ram...remember that 4GB of ram.

    I made the mistake of going with 2GB of ram and depending on swap...I have run our of memory moe times in the last three days with Vista than I did in the last three years with 2GB of ram and no swap with vista.

    I ran out of memory just streaming a video via windows MCE. Another time I ran out while watching a dvd.

    I have only installed:

    Firefox, Anarchy online (mmo), Norton Anti-virus, and trial version of diskeeper 2007.

    My Rig:
    Intel Core 2 Quad 6600
    EVGA Nvidia 680i SLI
    EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
    Corsair XMS2 2GB Kit (x2 1 GB matched pair)
    WD 500GB HD
    Creative X-Fi Gamer.

    My only unusual gripe about vista would be running out or low on memory with so few programs running and having swap active.

    Other than that, install all programs in admin mode and make a user mode specific to each activity that way you can customize each setup. I have one setup for gaming where the gamma brightness and contrast setttings are vastly different from my movie setup, saves time and effort.
  6. Hey, don't misunderstand me - the system you are looking at blows anything away from just a couple of years ago. It should kick butt and you'll be very happy with it.

    I completely agree with kcrush - remember 4G. Especially now that you can get 2x2G kits for very near the same price you could get 2x1G kits a couple of months ago. is a good time to buy memory...

    I do think kcrush may be missing the advantages of Vista memory paradigm - kcrush, (please don't take any offense as none was intended) what do you mean when you say you have 'run out of memory'? Did you get a pop-up or were you just looking at task manager? I'm not being sarcastic, I really don't know what happens when it trul runs out of memory.

    You do know that Vista has a much more agressive memory allocation scheme than XP or even w2003? Most of what Vista is doing is just temporarily using my available ram for caching files - it helps me to load programs much faster (I'd rather it do that than just let it sit there, _showing_ me that I could be using it). I have 4G and have NEVER run out of memory and I guarantee my applications are using their full portion and more (I wrote 'em). Windows totally maintains my pagefile and it is currently sitting around 8G (still no thrashing like XP was always doing, but that may just be a ReadyBoost benefit).

  7. The only thing you need to go with that hardware is a copy of XP Pro. Vista is simply a harware hogging con game.
  8. nhobo, just curious, did you giggle after submitting that post?

    hardware hogging con game or not - whatever... soon it'll be the only game.
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