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HELP!!! Cheap Homebuilt Workstation - suggestion please

Last response: in Systems
May 3, 2007 3:44:45 PM

Im planning to build a new (not so expensive.. :oops:  ) system this weekend. I will be using this primarily for 3D Studio Max and other similar apps, and some games too. Please give me a comment or suggestions regarding my preferred build coz im not really sure if i got it right. My dream build wld be a quadcore/quadro fx but it's waaay too expensive at the moment. usd1,300.00 workstation: is it possible?

CPU = Intel E6600
MB = intel P965 w/ built-in raid support (raid 0) - no specicific
brand/model yet. (pls. advise)
VID = ATI X1950Pro 512ddr3 (patiently waiting 4 radeon HD2900XT)
- quite an impressive WS bench. perf.. 8O
HDD = 2x 160g WD SATA = raid 0, 1x250g WD SATA = important files
MEM = 2 x 1gig Corsair PC667 ddr2 (question: what's d advantage of dual channel mem? are all available mem dual channel already?)
CASING=ASUS AC TA881(no psu)
PSU=Asus A35G 350W real power

*still saving for that 20" monitor :cry: 
*budget: Php60,000 approx. USD1,300, not too many options regarding
the parts, prefer to buy on local store jst a couple meters away fr home
but will consider other if price/performance is too significant. parts might
look a little outdated to some, but that's the only options :?: i got on my
current budget. DX10 is not yet very attractive for me at the moment. And
please.... no overclocking..stock speed only options.

more questions:
1. what do you think about the Intel Matrix RAID setup?
2. what's the preferred partition/size/setup

PLEASE HELP! im counting on those who are experts here...
May 3, 2007 3:53:49 PM

btw, i live here somwhere in the far east. We dnt have a newegg or tigerdirect stuff here.
May 3, 2007 4:19:58 PM

I'd go for a little bit more on the PSU, it will help in the long run. Don't know what brands you can get your hands on, but Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling are good brands. If you're looking for less expensive, but still good, try Antec or FSP (sometimes called Fortron Source). I'd look at 450W or 500W minimum.

yes, all memory is dual-channel capable, and you'll definitely want two sticks so you can run in dual-channel mode. you'll get the best performance if you buy them together in a matched set (two sticks come in one package).

I know you could do this off of newegg for the price you quoted, but I don't know about prices overseas.
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May 3, 2007 4:33:59 PM

why is it that psu are so expensive :roll: , honestly i didn't realise yet the real impact of having a "decent" psu. but i admit that i already read several posts regarding psu's and its importance. well i think, i need to take that also into consideration now. ty :)