Which version of XP supports 4gig of ram?


Just wanting to know which version of windows XP supports 4gig of ram, and how do I tell which version is installed on my computer?

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  1. the 32bit, will see 3GB and use upto 4.

    over 4GB you need a 64bit ;)

    start>right click my computer>properties>here the properties window opens up and you should see what you got ;)
  2. Hi,

    I have right clicked on my computer and gone to properties, but all it says is;

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2

    I can't see anything that says if it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. in taht same window how much ram does it say you have? 3 or 4?
  4. Hi,

    I've only got 2 gig ATM, I just want to know if my version will support 4gig or not.
  5. I think Windows XP professional Edition with SP2 or further will support it but I am not sure. You can confirm with the store from where you will buy the RAM.

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  6. you have the 32bit ;) and can use upto but no more then 4GB of RAM.

    but I'm with you I got 4GB right now on xp pro but I wish it would see more so I could get more RAM
  7. You currently have 4gb of ram and say you need more?!? Gona be nosy here and ask why? How much multitasking do you do?! :D
  8. lots more then you can imagine, I'm running multiple browsers, and testing software all the time, I test lots of softwares and have a freeware site and I don't add apps inthere like othersites like fileforum or softpedia (more like soft copy ya) do ;)

    throw in the smp folding and you see I need more, half of the stuff I do now I would not be able to do with 2GB of ram. you probably would not recognize your pc with 4GB of ram, I would not recognize mine with 2GB ;)
  9. That is alot of multitasking.

    Two things come to mind when you say you want more ram:

    1. You would need a 64-bit OS. Compatibility for software testing could be a problem as well as current driver support being bad.

    2. Money but somehow it may not be a problem for you. :lol:

    Maybe you should invest in a server setup. 16gb or 32gb ram seems right up your alley. Or maybe just a server OS.

    P.S. Kool Lite Tools is now part of my vast bookmarks collection :)
  10. cheers on the bookmark.

    looked at 64 I think it was 2 years ago, and yup till this day still is not gonna help me at all due to compatibility.

    I'm self employed so ya money is not that much of an issue, I throw over $200 a month into a dedicated server for the site and forum plus hosting others apps and our own, but its good since we are not money motivated you see no ads in our main site or our forum and we are clean as a whistle when it comes to our site and apps we have/host.

    I have been thinking about a server setup for a while but waiting for Nehalem to decide if I go server:

    Nehalem-family processors have eight cores. Coupled with 2-way threading, these processors appear as 16 logical CPUs. This threading is dynamic: Threads can be powered on and off depending on the application needs.

    I can really use 16 logical CPUs, OK maybe not but it would be great
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