Which router? Noob... need help!

Hi, me and a couple of flatmates want to share an ADSL connection and I was wondering if anyone could help me as to how to go about doing it.

I think the easiest way is to get a router with inbuilt switch (as opposed to ICS or setting up a linux box) but I'm not sure which one to get?

-I use P2P apps and messenger so I'd need one that'd allow me to do this... (would I use virtual bypassing ... dbz or whatever it's called? -or is there another way)

-not too bothered about sharing files with each other, but it might be nice...

-would be nice to have dial-up access too, so I could use it at home...

-10/100 access or higher would be nice too, but only if we're sharing files (the adsl connection is 500kbs)

-oh, and wired as it's cheaper?
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  1. Linksys BEFSR41 is what I have been using with no problems. Its a router with built in 4 port switch. The manual will step you thru setting it up. Basically you need a nic card in each computer, Cat5 cable for each computer and one from the modem to the router.
    You can open up ports to certain computers for the programs that need it.
    Just use the isp connection program to connect thru the modem.
    10/100 will be fast enough for you.
  2. I have that router as well. It's tip top for ease of use.

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  3. Thanks for your help! I'll try that one.
  4. If you are into P2P and IMs then you can get any router that has PPPoE into the firm and a good Lawyer. I would recomend Linksys for they have the most dumb-proof firm and good warranty support.

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