System done, little heat issue

I listed my build a few times before I bought it, I went with and had them assembly/load/and test it. Just 1 problem with the it so far, the CPU idle is about 38-41C but under any load, game, test, it rockets up to 62-77C depending on the load. The resetting and re-paste will happen this weekend and I pray that fixes it.

Gigabye 650i
2x 1 gig Kingston PC 6400
XFX 8800 GTS 320 OCed Version
Thermaltake Tough Power 700w
Lite-On DVD burner
Seagate 320 gig 7200 rpm 16 meg cache perpendicular recording
Zalman 7700
Apervai Crusier Case 2x80mm fans 1x90mm fan
Samsung 19" Wide Screen

I am currently going to work on great air flow in the case.

Here are the pics:

My daughter in the back ground pic with Steeler Cheer Leading Outfit!

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  1. Looks like a solid build.

    The fans are not that great. The rear fan mount can hold a 12 cm fan, the side an 80mm & the front 2 80mm. I'd upgrade the fans to 4: 2 front intakes, 1 side instake & 1 rear exhaust, then either move the hdd to the bottom or top, not in the middle. Top may be better for airflow. You have to experiment with the fan & hdd locations.

    If you have better thermal grease, use it. The Zalman white stuff is average.
  2. Can you suggest some high air flow fans..noise doesn't bother me.

    Any clue how I can get another fan in the front of the case without removing the whole system and taking everything apart?
  3. I've had trouble with too much Paste it gave me Hi-Temps. I recommend a half a piece of Rice Sized amount of Artic Silver 5. I useally spread it with one of the screew bags over my finger.

    Why did they sell you that old Heat Sink? Heat Pipes RULE!

    You could always Lapp it!
  4. From what I can tell, good application technique with the thermal paste makes far more of a difference than which paste you use. Also, if you've been removing and re-installing that Zalman cooler, check that the spring clip hasn't straightened itself out too much, else you're not getting enough pressure against the CPU's integrated heat spreader.

  5. I haven't removed it yet, but I will make sure and check everything this weekend when I do.

    Lapping the CPU, that process, from what I've heard, is very delicate, not sure if I am up for that yet.

    Anyone give me some good advice on some powerful fans?
  6. I am down to running at 3.16 GHz for complete stability now so I'm looking for ways to keep this Processor cooler than 75C at full load under Orthos. I found a nice muli-Pack of Fine Sand Paper at a local AutoZone so I picked up a pack. I read to do it on a piece of glass to keep it flat so I used a piece of Mirror I had to put in the bottom of cases. I started with 800 Grit and found the Integrated Heat Spreader (I.H.S.) to be quite uneven leaving the nickel on the center at first then in two corners. After mostly filling the 800 Grit piece of paper with copper dust I moved on to the 1000 Grit. I moved the C.P.U. in small circles turning the C.P.U. every few strokes reversing direction as well. I used Brass-O to polish the I.H.S. till I could see my face in it. This lowered my C.P.U. Temp from 75C to 73C @ 351X9=3.16 GHz...Hey It's still faster than a Core 2 Extreme X6800 For 1/3 the Price!

  7. Dunno if you can order from newegg:

    1 120mm & 3 80mm & you're in biz. Yep, it's important to check the contact of the cpu hsf. It should still be able to wiggle a bit.
  8. in the front where your front fan is.. it fits two.. but that grill restrict HELLA air.. my case wus like that.. i just started cutting that piece out... and wen i tried it there wus much better air coming in..
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