Need help on Internet Explorer!!!

hi, i really need big help here, im already connected, and im also able to browse using Firefox....

but some online games require internet explorer....

and when i use IE, im unable to browse anything at all!, it just shows... "Internet Explorer could not open up search page"

ive tried installing / reinstalling ie 6 at the control panel, add remove windows component, ive tried installing ie 7, uninstalling it, ive tried scanning for viruses, spyware, nada...

ive tried using default settings also...... can anyone help me ? thanks alot !
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  1. Have you tried disabling your firewall?
  2. yes, i have disabled everything including anti virus or spyware detector
  3. There is firefox add on called IE Tab that converts to IE when you click on it. If you haven't tried it, might be worth while
  4. can you kindly explain more of that ?

    my main problem is, when i play a certain game... (MU) while it is patching, it opens an IE in its window, since IE is not working properly... MU cant run... thanks alot !
  5. Basically the way it works is that when you go to a site and click on IE Tab it brings up the site in IE or at least so the site thinks you're using IE. You can set it to always "use" IE for a particular site or use it one time. Not sure if it actually uses IE. I've used it on a few occasions when a site required IE and it worked. But like I said, not sure if you need a working IE to use it. It appears that the problem is that IE is not connecting to the Net, which is likely an address problem with IE assuming it's not being blocked. A couple things you can try if you haven't done so. I'd start with recycling the router if you're using one as well as your modem. That's just unplugging everything and turning off the computer. After a couple minutes plug in the Modem, wait a couple of minutes and plug in the router, wait again and start in the computer. This resets all the addresses. Then run the Internet connection wizard. Make sure that IE is set up to automatically set the address, I think it's the DNS address. Also if you have a wireless connection, run the wireless wizzard. I'd also call your ISP Support. If you're using a firewall other than Windows, make sure you have all Windows security, firewall and auto updates disabled. Also make sure that your firewall ISP address has full access to the Trusted Zone and the Internet but this shouldn't be it if you cannot connect with the firewall disabled. What firewall are you using?
  6. Did you check the connection settings like proxy, LAN settings etc.

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