Can't get HD Tach to work on Vista

I downloaded the latest version of HD Tach a couple of weeks ago, but dialogue box popped up giving me this error message, "Designed for Windows XP or 2000 Only!" or words to that effect. Vista comes right back and says, "Did the program install correctly?" or words to that effect. I answer no, and then HD Tach installs and works nicely :)

Since then, I formatted my drives, reinstalled Windows, and downloaded HD Tach again, get the same error message saying that HD wasn't designed for Vista, but now Vista doesn't ask me, "Did this program install correctly?" and now HD Tach won't work :cry:

How anyone come across the same thing and how do I fix it?

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    I just installed the 3.0.4 version of Hd Tach two nights ago. I just found out there was an upgrade but I don't know when it was released, you may need to check and see what see exactly what you are trying to install. It installed fine but gave me an error when I tried to run it.

    What you may need to do is go to the 'start orb' and weed down to the hd tack icon and right click it (or go directly to the install dir) and select 'properties'. When the properties page opens, select 'Compatibility' - select to run in XP SP2 mode, also enable run as administrator and then save it. After that it should work fine...

    hope that helps, good luck.
  2. Good advice, thanks!

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