wil sli board run crossfire cards

if i get a 650i sli board will it run two 1950XT's in crossfire mode or will i have to go with the 965 chipset?
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  1. no, sli mobos will not run crossfire.
  2. No Nvidia chipsets run Crossfire. You also have to make sure the mobo you choose supports it as well.
  3. No! End of.
  4. looks like you want the 975x chipset. No SLI MB can run Xfire, and I do not see any Nvidia chipsets that support Xfire.
  5. You definitely do not want a P965 chipset either. The 2 PCI-E slots are not balanced. Primary runs 16 lanes to the northbridge, but secondary only 4. Get a P975 Intel or an ATI/AMD chipset board to run Crossfire.
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