clone HD using sysprep & ghost together?

How do I use sysprep & ghost together to clone HD? I can clone HD by using ghost however sysprep is made for XP/ 2003 platform. I don't think sysprep will be compatible with vista.

Has anyone clone using sysprep & ghost together?
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    It'll work. Download the latest version of sysprep.

    Set your computer up how you want it. Create your sysprep answer file (I think its called an answer file for it) Walk through the sysprep wizard.

    Copy the sysprep folder to C:\ - Run sysprep - you'll have to find the switches you want to add with it.. like don't restart, just shut down. It'll prep the system (making an image) and you'll have to pull the HD out and use ghost on another system to create your image.

    Sysprep first, shut down, pull HDD, plug into another computer, create a compressed -z3 or -z5 is the command line, but the GUI should cover it. If you want, make the CD bootable when you burn the image to CD.. or DVD.

    If you have any other questions, shoot me a PM and I can walk you through this and help you with any other steps.
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