Vista Permissions..a joke?

I would call myself a pretty advanced computer user..but OMG how mind numbingly frustrating and annoying is the new permissions and file sharing 'system'.

I know its suppose to make it more secure etc, but to be honest i find it makes things way to messy, with layer upon layout of confusing options and buttons..ahhhgh!

How does everyone else feel about this? has anyone actually been able to quickly and easily set up file sharing over a network without having to jump through hoops and find work around?
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  1. I think there was one guy complaining about sharing 5 or 6 weeks ago. I guess some people can and others whine...

    And initially there were a several people crying about the security differences from XP but after they found out it could be complete eliminated that all pretty much stopped too. As far as I'm concerned, it hasn't been an issues once I got my system set up (I don't constantly play with my system, I use it). There have been numerous threads on this - use the search function.

    good luck
  2. hey, wait a minute... I just looked back in the Ultimate section so I could give you a reference link and, it is you! You are STILL the only person that I have ever heard of who had a sharing problem with Vista. :lol: I didn't reread the entire thread so maybe I've missed one but I don't think anyone has joined you with a similar complaint. A lot of people have tried to offer assistance though. Perhaps you need to rephrase your question to:

    "am I the ONLY one that cannot quickly and easily set up Vista file sharing over a network?"

    You may find others in the general section that have the same problem and that would be good because it may help you understand your problem OR you may find that the answer to the rephrased question is simply YES - and you need to reinstall because you may have really fouled up your registry or some other stupid thing.

    good luck
  3. Turn "Password-protected file sharing" off... that's the first step. Once that's done, everything else is pretty much a breeze.
  4. hahahahaha

    I didn't think the file sharing was an issue myself. Its just like working with a server.
  5. i dont see any issues about the file sharing of vista, tried sharing vista-xp, vista-vista never had a problem.. if you really can call yourself a "pretty advanced computer user" you shouldn't get any problems with it.. coz man if you can call yourself that? what would you be calling me? a pretty super advanced computer user, as well as the others who are not having issues about it??lolz.
  6. i wouldn't say i had problems with vista and file sharing but it was confusing the way that they have worded everything, where they could have used simplified names and phrases they have changed them catching you out almost. after about half hour of fiddling i managed to more or less get my laptop visible to other xp computers on my network.

    whether it is me on my own or other users i still think that there is a slight bit of unstableness on networking between vista and xp computers mainly visibility on networks and file sharing and this hole Digital rights management scheme
  7. The way that you guys are making your computers visable to others is the old way of doing the sharing.

    Its hard to get rid of because you're opening your computer to a lot of security issues, replication of worms/viruses, etc.

    Its hard for a reason.. because you're not supposed to do it. :)
  8. Hello,

    I have been able to make sharing between two vista computers, I even got the printer sharing to work. Now the problem I am having is that a shared file cant be saved.

    Ok Computer1 and Computer2.... I am able to see all shared files from both computers... On Computer1 I am able to open an excel file form Computer2, I am able to modify and save this file...

    Now, on Computer2 I am able to open the shared files and can actualy make changes to it, but when I try to save it I get an error msg saying "Document not Saved". For some reason I can only edit and save when I open a shared file that is located in Computer2, but not a shared file that is located in computer1..

    Please helo asap since I have this mean boss!!!!!

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