problem overclocking my intel c2d e660

specs: intel c2d e660
gigabyte ga-965p-s3
2 x 1024 (frequency = 333mhz) 4:5
nvidia 7950 GT

my cpu is currently running at 1600mhz and i want to oc it. the mak fsb speed i can get to is 275, if i put it any higher my pc gets to the windows loading screen and a blue screen flashes then my pc resets. i have tried increasing the voltage aswell but i get the same problem.

any ideas?

this is ss of cpu-z
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  1. First thing: have you read this guide

    Looking at your screenshot, it's clear that you still have EIST enabled. The E6600 default multiplier is x9, and your running at x6 (due to EIST reducing the multiplier when not under load).

    I suggest you read the guide and try and follow the steps suggested. If you are unsure about any aspect of the guide, repost and we'll try and help where we can.
  2. That screen shot shows your CPU multiplier at 6X, which means it is reducing the clock and vcore of your CPU to save energy. You need to disable those features in your BIOS before you attempt to overclock your CPU. Good luck!
  3. Yes, the guide should do the trick.

    Your CPU voltage appears to be set to 1.050.

    1.4 v is a nice, safe spot to begin your OC adventure. I run mine at 1.46. I got a stable 3.46 ghz out of my e6600. bus speed is about 385, 9x multi.
    The guide suggests going for 3 ghz on the first try, IIRC, after that you will go up in small increments.

    What kind of cooling are you using? The stock intel heatsink that came with it or something else? The stock heatsink/fan is usuallu good for 3 ghz and even then some, depending.
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