What are your experience with Asus 680i P5N32E-SLI board?

I would like to find out your experience with Asus 680i P5N32E-SLI board.

Is the board stable with moderate over clocking?

Has anyone experience board failure within 1st week ?

Is there specific DDR2 RAM made for this board ?
Can I use any DDR2 RAM for this board?
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  1. I have 2G of 2x 1066 OCZ OCZ2N1066SR1G and wanted to run at 1:1 with the Q6600 but it always failed no matter the setting of the bios.. 667 was the top stable speed.

    The problem is HEAT. If the northbridge gets over 35C then it will flip over.
    The solution is COOLING. I went to the store and landed Thermaltake Exteme Spirit II for the northbridge and Zalman ZM NBF47 for the southbridge.

    My DIMMs have EPP so I can run them on 1066 with up to 2.3V.

    In the BIOS:
    In extreme overclocking >
    Choose MANUAL overclocking
    At the FSB ratios screen choose LINKED 1:1 (or whatever you seem fit)
    Better set the memory timings manually, mine are 5-5-5-5-15-22-2T
    You can safely enable anything where the talk is about Virtualization and Enhanced Speedstep...
    Choose any CPUOC at SLI READY MEMORY. I chose MAX.

    Presto.! Runs smooth and fast and the BIOS / Sandra / Everest will show 1066 and 17G bandwidth.

    Curiously, I benchmarked the memory read/write/copy/latency before this mod and had
    6779/4867/4954/78.4 respectively and afterwards
    I got 6970/4866/5395/67.4 which is an improvement of sorts.

    Images of this cooling installation for this ASUS P5N32-E SLI with Q6600 and 2x1G of
    OCZ2N1066SR1G + Biostar 8800GT 512Mb 256bit + 2 WD Raptors in RAID 0 in Antec Sonata III are :

    Watch the stock cooling turned away but left intact - if you will need to RMA this board they will only accept it if its in its original condition, into which you can revert quite easily if you save everything that you remove.
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