Vista Ultimate raid5 restore & reactivation

When you use full system backup from raid 5 and then do a restore with no changes the system always requires a re actavation of vista. No hardware changes made. any way to stop this. retail vista, intel MB and c2d.
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  1. 'dr dr, it hurts every time I do this and the dr says well, don't do that'...

    the obvious question is, was the system activated when you saved your full image?
  2. Yes system was activated before the backup and yes everytime it is restored it requires reactivation. No changes to the OS other than normal maintance from Microsoft. I did the restore as a test just to make sure it works. I have done the restore two or three times just to check for problems and each time had to call microsoft to reactivate.
  3. Are you using MS for the backups or 3rd party? Are you doing MS Full PC backups or file and directory backups of all files? It sounds like your backups are not picking up states or are dropping some files. Any file errors in the backup logs?
  4. MS Full Backup only boot volume, not data volume), no errors. backup sent to USB harddrive. Restore back to taid 5 volume where it came from.
  5. interesting, but makes complete sense - otherwise you'd be able to create a perfect, activated image and just restore it to whereever, and as many times as you want. MS obviously need to document restoring better.

    I'm glad to know because I am now doing the 'full backup' thing myself. now I'll know to just plan on a 2 min reactivation call after a restore. They will probably have a kb article about this in a couple of weeks...

  6. I can Full PC Backup and restore without an activation issue. However, I am not RAID 5. It does appear to be a hardware controller state issue (Windows believes there is a hardware change or is believing it is restoring back to a different PC) or a bug in Vista. Definitely worth a call to MS to determine what's going on.
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