Where to connect the two 80mm fan

i'm buuilding my first htpc and trying to connect my two 80mm fan that have a two standard pin connector each. my psu is modular. how do i do the connection... please help
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  1. the small 2pin or 3pin plugs are meant to be plugged directly into your motherboard. normally a board has at least 4 such ports. this allows your computer to automatically control the fan speeds without any direct interaction from you. i believe you can set this up in bios but i know you can also control them through software such as speedfan.

    if you want to connect them to your psu directly they will be always on, probably at 100%. 80mm fans arent as quiet as 120mm so you might want to see if they are too loud for your liking. there are molex to 2/3pin fan connector adapters available. you should be able to pick up a whole pack of them for pretty cheap.

    if they make too much noise there are front plate fan controls available. there are also internally mounted fan controls available.


    for a new pc builder i would suggest just keeping it plugged into the motherboard.
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