"New look" Antec Solo mod idea/plan.

So it started with wanting a stealthed drive bay for an Antec Solo case (and who knows, may still stop there). But, now my plan is about to snowball. I would love it if you all would let me know now of any suggestions, ideas, tips, or tutorials.

New plan:
I found this tutorial at Mod The Box:
Mod the Box Paint Tutorial
Looks like that box could use some stealthed drive bays too.

I'm going to buy this: Antec P150 front bezel., which comes with the stealth bays.

I am going to take that apart and paint the white bits a high gloss, piano black to match the side panels of the Solo. Or, I may decide to go with a different colour all together. The metalic red in the link above may look cool? Or a deep navy blue?

These new painted bits will then end up in my new SOLO.

I think I'll also include this mod from SPCR and perhaps implement a few other of their ideas with the finished product: P150 Air duct grill.. You can see the full work up on the quite P150 here: Quiet P150.

I'll keep a journal and photograph my steps, and let you all know how it turns out in the end. This will be my first real mod, so I hope it turns out. I think I'll practice the painting before I paint the real deal.
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  1. Depending on the amount of metallic in the blue, it could look really nice if it is very metallic paint. Otherwise I would go with a deep red or just piano black. Either way, take your time and do it right! You will be happy in the end.

    Lots of thin coats, a case I painted with candy paint (dark purple/green depending how you looked at it) took 20 coats total and it looked great and is extremely scratch/chip resistant.

    Snowballing mods is always good :) If you go too far, you might end up with a fully custom wood case like some idiot I know...
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