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i just built a new system, a e4300 with a zalman 9700nt, 2 gigs of ddr2 800 pc6400 corsair ram and a asus commando, which i already flashed to the last bios, now i'm really really really overclockin illiterate, so i dont wanna mess my new computer, i was tryin to check the c2d o/c guide, but they dont have the e4300 so i need a lil help with this :(, i wanna overclock my pc to 3.0 from the 1.8 stock, but i wanna know HOW i should do this, like what voltage should i put on my cpu, and on my ram, and how should i set it, ive been tryin to google this for a few hours and its drivin me crazy, nothin really helpful out there, so if any of you can help me to set this right id be really appreciated :)

and one more thing, I HAVE NO CLUE of why my multiplier is jumpin from 6.0 to 9.0 in CPUZ :/
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  1. okay now i got sum news :x, about the multiplier... it was because of the cvoltage, i think i figurd out how to overclock after all, im runnin it @ 2.9ghz 335mhzx8.5multiplier, and 1.325v, and ive been runnin prime2004 for around 15 mins, and on tat it gives me 58c, coretemp it gives me 60 and the asus tool it gives me 65, dats under the load, cos its idling @ around 40c, the memories are @ 833, i just wanna know wat test could i run to make sure everything is doing fine?
  2. Hey there mate, I think TAT temp is the best to use. I use prime95 and the nvidia test running at the same time. Seams to work good. I'm running @ 2.9 with 1.35volts so your volts look good if its unstable bump the volts up to 1.35 thats the max that intel recommend.
  3. Ram 1:1
    I did have to play with ram V a little :?
    Vcore ~1.35 -1.4
    I kept the multi at max, and just upped the fsb
    Shouldnt need upage on mobo volts, maybe try them too.
    Temps will prob be an issue under load tho.

    Mine has gone as high at ~3.5 (cant get 3.6 tho... waaaaaa!), but i didnt notice any performance increase in games so... 3.1 is fine for now
  4. Yeah we are talking about a 1.2 overclcok pushing for that .3 more with high temps not really worth it for me any ways.
  5. yeah right now im @ 3.0 ghz... do u think 58c is 2 much under load? sumtimes hits 60c.... its runnin 40c idle :x ;o
  6. 60 under gaming load? yeah man it sounds fine my old p4 run at 70+.

    my 4300 at 3.0 and i'm getting about the same temps what cpu cooler do you have? I'm running a xp-120 kinda old but still good.
  7. im runnin the huge zalman 9700nt ;) idle its around 35-40 says TAT, and under TAT load it runs @ around 60 when the room is cool.
  8. tat laod seams to really work the cpu, it would never reach this under gaming
  9. Good OC. 60C under TAT is fine.
  10. i got a question, say i wanna run my cpu @ 430*7 that way i dont have to underclock my memories, and on the other hand i could overclock em one bit... because they are DDR2 800, so i dont wanna waste them by doing 333*9 and havin them runnin @ 667, so my question is, DO I HAVE TO HIGHER THE VCORE on the cpu, to run it @ 430*7 ???????? or can i keep the same vcore as if it was runnin 333*9 i hope i made myself clear.

    and the temps r still killing me i dunno which one to trust....

    http://img361.imageshack.us/img361/452/untitledbi1.jpg idle

    http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/931/untitled2at8.jpg full load
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