Green and pink bar appears on right of screen while playing

Hey all,

When I try to play some wmv files (this only happens with some of them, not all...dunno why...), I get a weird green and pink bar taking up about a quarter of the screen on the right side. This happens with win media player classic, 10 and 11, divX player. I've tried downloading codecs but not sure which to dl...mega pack hasn't changed anything...

HELP please!!!

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  1. you mean klite mega codec pack? if yes then did you make sure to uninstall all codecs then install mega? if yes then have you tried playing the files that give you the problem in videolan?
  2. Hey,

    I do mean klite mega pack 2.1, i had no codecs installed in the first place (had just formatted my system), and I did play with videolan which actually played the file worst than with wm (still got the pink bar and shots were pixelated). Since then I even tried updating my ATI driver but to no avail...
  3. ok here is the deal, videolan has its own codecs so with that you can tell if its a codec issue or not. if vlc plays it fine then its codecs but if you have a problem in vlc then its either the graphic card, drivers for the graphic card or the file itself.

    what kind of a file is it? put it in gspot and see what gspot says.

    your klite should have come with gspot check its folder in teh start menu ;) if not download from the link I provided ;)
  4. Alright so Gspot tells me it's an ASF file (wma/wmv) and the codec's WMV3 (WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main)) and that the codec status is undetermined...i'm gonna try to download and install the codec in question...

    Now here's the funny part, if I re-encode part of the file to a fully uncompressed AVI, it plays fine, without the bar...of course the problem is it takes forever to do (haven't actually done a whole file) which tells me it's probably a codec issue am I right??
  5. And I've actually been trying to download said codec which, as it turns out is a 64-bit version while I'm probably running the 32-bit... But from the microsoft website I need to ahem validate ahem and so I'm unable to download the file i need and can't seem to find a crkd version.... Also, I think I'm running a 32-bit version of windows....
  6. what made you think you have 64?

    your klite codec pach has the said codecs, I'm not sure if during install you pick those to install or not.

    btw did you say this happens with one file or all files?
  7. It only happens with the one file...should I reinstall the Klite pack? what should I watch for/make sure i select or do I need to mod the configuration of what I've already installed??
  8. oh no boss if it happens with one file then the problem is teh file not other things, and the fact that you encode it and it plays right then all the more reason its the file, since in this case by encoding it to avi you have fixed/removed the flaw.

    your system/codecs are fine, you got a crappy file ;)
  9. See that's what I thought at first hmmm! Thanks a lot man :wink:
  10. good luck boss ;)
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