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Hello I have a Geforce Go 7300 in a Dell Laptop with 2GB of memory. I can see that in addition to the installed 128MB of RAM the card is using another 200MB of the system memory. I have a lot of extra ram (around 1300MB) just sitting around doing nothing. Is there any way I can increase the amount of system ram the card uses?

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  1. The only way would be to adjust the TurboCache levels in the BIOS (not sure if there's an nTune option for adjusting TurboCache, don't remember seeing one), but DELL might not let you moneky around in there too much and it may set it itself dynamically based on available RAM, which is the way many of them do it.

    BTW increasing shared VRAM access won't matter much IMO, not worth the hassle.
    Seriously there's few apps you'd need 328MB for, and most would choke the GF7300 at the core first.
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