minimum gfx card for 3840 x 1024?

Hey guys, 1 month from now, I'm upgrading my graphics card in preparation for my Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition...

I have 3 18.3" monitors that support a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 each, taking full advantage of the 3840 x 1024 max resolution of the TH2G...

I need some help deciding on the graphics card I should get for this setup to get decent FPS (30+) at max resolution with decent settings (moderate+)

1.) PCI-E (of course)
2.) eVGA cards only (I will use the step-up program to upgrade whatever card I pick to an 8800GTX two months later, when i also buy the extension arm for the 3 monitors)
3.) SLI Capable (I'm aware of crossfire hacked-drivers, but i have 680i and there are none available right now)
4.) $450 budget (give or take)

my main thoughts are:
8800GTS 320 (Vanilla / Superclocked / KO AS3)
8800GTS 640 (Vanilla / Superclocked / KO AS3)
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  1. GF8800GTS640.

    The GX2 is a waste, the performance is spotty from app to app.

    The GTS-320 will suffer more performance issues at that higher resolution for min fps.

    If you're rolling the money into a GTX anyways then the value factor doesn't come into play.
  2. it comes into play for the 2-3 months i'll be waiting to do it :P

    June: GTS640 ~ $415

    July: the arm to hold all 3 monitors + the Matrox TH2G DE ~$575

    August: Step-up to 8800GTX ~ $160

    by then, UT3 demo should be grazing my computer's doorstep (hopefully) :]

    can't wait! :D
  3. By then the Step-up to the GTX may be less than that.

    It is rumoured that it will drop to $450.
    IMO a drop is guaranteed, just don't know the amount, so likely by the time you do step-up, it'll be less than $160, but you'll still have to pay for shipping so it may stay close to that price as a total.
  4. I would recommend at least the 640mb 8800GTS.

    Anything less is a waste of time and money.
  5. Id agree with the GTS640. Maybe wait till the ATI and 8800Ultra's are out for a month so see what happens with prices. May be able to get a GTX by then.
  6. Quote:
    I would recommend at least the 640mb 8800GTS.

    Anything less is a waste of time and money.

    good to hear... I'll like not having to drop so much on the 8800GTX when i step up, too...
  7. Quote:
    By then the Step-up to the GTX may be less than that.

    It is rumoured that it will drop to $450.

    It is? I've seen nothing but indications that the price will stay high.. 2900XT competes with the the GTS for around the same price, and though nothing solid yet for the xtx it's not looking good from the indications that are out so far. The ultra is debuting at well over $800.. what would make nVidia drop the price of the GTX?
  8. As a TH2Go / 8800GTS 320MB owner, definatetly the 640MB GTS (or better). Plus you'll get ithe extra $$ back in the trade.

    Unless R600XT can meet my needs, I'll be switching to an 8800GTX down the road. Since my card was $260, the step up may not be the best option as Newegg has 8800GTX's $90 less than eVGA's step up price.

    But, think about this. While the 8800GTS 640MB easily beats the X1950XT 256MB in Oblivion, just look how close they are trying to play 25x16. Kinda makes it obvious 8800GTX FTW right. :wink:
  9. you all have great feedback... I assume the cost of the 8800GTX by the time I stepup will drop a bit, so I'm looking forward to it (hence why i specified eVGA only)...

    also, yea, i was hoping for the R600 to come out and kick butt and take names, but it didn't... I've always prefered the way ATi cards work over the nVidia's... that's just me though... for the games I play, radeon's always seem to run better than geforce... but geforce always has better compatibility with things I like to do, like Stereo 3D :P

    at any rate, so 8800GTS 640 ftw? :)
  10. Currently NV has the better surround gaming support. I hope R600 has better support, but the X1xxx series only supports 3-800x600 screens.
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