Can Vista tolerate overclocking??

Is Vista able to tolerate over clocking? I over clock my CPU 3.2GHz to 3.36GHz but window vista ultimate continue to crash randomly out of the blue for some reason. I didn't install any new software or drivers.

Has anyone experience Vista crashing randomly?
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  1. no, make sure you got a stable oc, there's no reason why vista "would behave" any different under the oc than it is under xp, etc.
  2. i hope ^ that makes any sense cause i've had too many beers... :oops: 8)
  3. Vista does read your hardware differently than XP. If you have problems, take off your OC mods in the BIOS and take it back to standard, you should then be able to adjust your timings to a stable setting again under Vista with no problems, it's just possible that the settings may be slightly different. However, there are some chips that do not read correctly under OC settings that may cause Vista to dump. My ASUS mb had one of those unfortunates, however they fixed the issue with several BIOS updates that eventually lead to a stable system.
  4. I don't have any problems o/c ing in vista.. Could be mobo drivers..
  5. I don't crash... however, after a couple of (early-on) attempts I just gave up on oc'ing in Vista as I really don't need it. Every time I would try to bump the multiplier to 13 (3.46Ghz), Vista would take care of me and reset it. I assume it was just trying to save energy and started screwing with my eist; which was just fine anyways as sometimes it just gets hot in here.

    Vista's power-saving efforts could well be the source of your problem too. In XP you can completely defeat it and force your cpu to idle at whatever; I don't see that option in Vista and for me it wasn't worth a follow-up effort. Did I mention, I don't crash (ever) and my log-files are perfectly clean.

    good luck
  6. Quote:
    I don't have any problems o/c ing in vista.. Could be mobo drivers..

    it can't be mobo drivers. OC works fine for a week then Vista ultimate just crash. It displayed something about hardware... but there is no mention about drivers.

    Is this Vista 6000 version unstable?? Is this final version??
  7. Rubbish - there is no "timed' crash in Vista for overclocking. I have an E6600 at 2.8ghz for weeks and it is fine.
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