HELP please, psu question urgent

Hi, i recently purchased a corsair Corsair HX Series 520W Modular PSU

i purchased it from but the power socket which i recieved for it resembles the american type power system. 2 pin socket in comparison to the UK 3 pin socket.

now i currently have an old power plug from my previous computer which i could use, but would this fry the psu?

please help

Thank you
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  1. be absolutely sure of your voltages before you go plugging things in, US runs on 120, you may be running on 210 or 220. generally not a good idea to mix the two. bad things happen
  2. There is no switch for 110/220V on new PSUs - ones that have active PFC. And the corsair units have active PFC.
    I am not sure about the plug. Can you take a picture and post it?
    I cant find anything like that on the corsair web site.
  3. This thread has reached a tidy conclusion.
  4. what is PFC? and what do you mean conclusion lol am still confused as hell

    the power plug is the american type

    in the uk its a 3 pin diamond type plug.

    american is 2 pin
  5. hey thank you, when you say card you mean cable right?

  6. ok this is the kind of cable i got with it. i found the name of the cable

    does that help anyone understand?

  7. That's definitely not a US plug, it looks like a CEE 7/7 or 7/17 (grounded and non-grounded) plug, both are backwards compatible with French and German sockets.
  8. so it is some kind of european plug?

    then its ok if i use my old power cable?

  9. Yep, it should work fine.
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