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I've worn Google out trying to figure this out. I hope someone here can please help.

Here's my set-up:

1- Main PC- Has Wireless Broadband Internet access via a rooftop antennae which pigtails into a Cisco 340 series pci card. Upstairs in room 1. Has built-in 10/100LAN. WinXP Pro

2- Second PC is upstairs in same room 1 within 3 feet of PC 1.Has built-in 10/100LAN.WinXP Home

3- Multimedia PC in Family room down and over 1 level within 15-20ft. Has built-in 10/100LAN. WinXP Home or may choose Linux for this one.

My Question:
What routers/splitters/hubs/waps/cards, etc... will I need to enable file, printer and internet connection sharing between the three pc's? The 2 upstairs can be connected by RJ45, but the MMPC downstairs will have to be wireless. Since I do not have an external cable or dsl modem to connect a broadband wireless access point to, could I use a pci hub/router in PC 1 that then connects to a WAP? Or, please enlighten me, I love to build PC's but haven't the slightest idea how to network. Thank you in advance.
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  1. You'll need to drop the cisco card if you want to go the dedicated router path. Your easiest solution is to just run windows ICS, or any other software proxy/NAT solution on the machine that has the internet connection. The wired NIC will be the internal interface (LAN), with the WAN interface handled by your Cisco card. How you get to your other PC's is up to you. Cable to a hub/switch, then cable from there to the PC's, or cable directly to an Access Point, and buy wireless cards for your client rigs. There are some other solutions but this would be your most cost friendly if you want to go wireless.

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