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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking into buying a new pair of headphones. I resently purchased the Sennheiser HD598 primarily for gaming, and they work like a charm. They have a large soundstage (for first person shooters, it's almost like my ears have wallhacks) and very comfortable for long gaming sessions. Now I need a different pair of headphones for music. The HD598 are great for gaming, but not as great for the genre of music I listen to being light in bass. EDM, Hip-hop/rap and a little bit for rock is what a I mostly listen to, so I want something with a good amount of bass, but not too overpowering where the mids and lows are muffed. Headphones I'm interested in:

V-Moda Crossfade LP
Ultrasone DJ1/HFI 580
Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2

I would also like portability, being a student I would to be able to take the headphones to school and listen to them in the library while I study. Comfort is a must, and durability would be nice. I don't want my headphones to feel like a toy ( Beats by Dre, they feel like their going to snap ). My budget is around $150, I be willing to spend more for quality, but less the better.

Thanks to everything ahead of time :)
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