Computer will not maintain resolution. Blue screen of death.

This strange behavior started happening recently on otherwise solid workstation:

Every other time i reboot my computer, the display resolution will have dropped back to its lowest setting; (800x600) When i try to set it back up to its highest Resolution setting (2560x1600) it sometimes will not allow it and drops back to 800x600. Other times it crashes to Blue Screen of death, then reboots itself.
Sometimes when I launch Adobe Premiere Pro 2, the computer crashes to blue screen of death.

I am using Apple cinema display 30' with WinACD drivers on WinXPPro. Graphics card is Quadro FX560. I have updated to most recent NVIDIA display driver. Any chance my system hard drive is causing the problem? I have a dual boot of WinXP to diagnose problems like this and this problem has started happening on both install boots. This leads me to believe its a hardware problem. -or could it be a windows automatic update that has caused the instability?

System specs: Dual AMD Opteron 270 on Tyan Thunder K8WE. 2GB RAM.
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  1. bsod error?
  2. When the computer goes to blue screen of death (sometimes) I do not have time to read it before it reboots itself. I will try to get one where it freezes on BSOD and then tell you.
  3. Could this have anything to do with having recently installed 2GBs of Additional Ram Bringing the total to 4GB of ram?

    My system was only recongnizing 2.75gb of ram after installing the total of 4GB, so i went into the registry and used the 3GB switch settings. Nothing seemed to take any effect. My system still only shows the 2.75GBs.
  4. well your pc should see your 4GB of ram as 3GB like this:

    is there any other workstation around to test the card itself?
  5. i may have fixed the problem. I went into the boot.ini file and deleted the line for / 3GB/ . I had put this line in the boot.ini file previously b/c i thought it would allow me to properly see all 4GBs or maybe even 3GB like the above post. It did not work and may have been causing the boat load of problems i had been experiencing all week with my display loosing the driver for the monitor.
  6. the edit for boot.ini to see more RAM would be the PAE which is not needed anymore with sp2 I think ;)

    glad you got it sorted ;) good luck
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