Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit? 64 bit?

I recently purchased the following computer

and added 1 gig of ram (making it about 3 total)

and also adding ATI Radeon x1650 pro pci express video card.

Just today i purchased another gig of ram installed it and it only brings my total up to 3325 according to Windows Vista. I currently have the 32 bit version of windows premium. My questions are do i need the 64 bit version to take advantedge of the total 4 gigs of ram? and if i do is there a upgrade for 64 bit home premium or do i need to go directly to ultimate. Anyone who can help is appreciated.
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  1. A pc running Windows has a limit of about 3.2G because pci, bios, and various chip-set constraints. There have been many post regarding this, was well has several links posted to MS knowledgebase The knowledgebase article describes all of the problems (and a couple of ways to get around it - not worth the effort). The bottom-line is that the best way to get access to your remaining memory is to go with Vista 64.

    You do get a 64-bit dvd from MS in the retail full-install of Ultimage. You can get a 64-bit dvd from MS for Premium for about $10. Look around the Vista sites on and you can find the links. All you have to do is fill out the form, pay 'em $10, and you'll have it in your hands in a couple of days.

    I like 64-bit and have had no problems. I recommend that you carefully look at all of your hardware and get _all_ of the critical drivers in hand before you start (but go ahead and get 64-bit Vista Premium). One of the show-stoppers for some is Creative - they have a lot of 'beta' 32-bit drivers but the rest is mostly promises so far. I am not using Creative (learned many years ago) so it wasn't an issue.

    good luck.
  2. thank you. Hate to be a pain but can you or someone point me in the right direction in just paying 10 dollars for the 64 bit? are you sure i dont have to buy whole new version? thanks
  3. the $10 is what I've been reading here, I have Ultimate and 64-bit software came in the box. And most of the post have said 'about'... I do know it is supposed to only cost you shipping and handling (but the last time I did that through MS it was $18 ). Try the link below; if you follow the links and find out the dirty details, post the real deal back here (I'd like to know all of the details)! It's at the bottom of the page...

    Windows Vista: 64-bit Editions

  4. i called microsoft and they told me i have to go back to the manufacturer since it was already installed on my cpu.
  5. gateway is a pretty big player... should be able to get it. Thanks for the follow-up.
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