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Just curious about these really, are they still unstable like they used to be? Any major problems reported? I've just got an ATI card again and am tempted to give them a try again, I'm also messing around with clock speeds etc, would 3D Mark 2003 be a good test of clocked vs stock and Omega vs Catalyst? x1650 Pro btw
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  1. They seem perfectly stable to me. Iv been using them since the 9800 pro days, and even now I use it with my x1950 pro. Runs like a charm.
  2. You can try XG Warcat drivers too if you want. I have tested them for some time and i had better results in 3Dmark 2006 than Catalyst and in some games too. You can give them a try and see for yourself what will be the results for you.

    Be careful to remove the old drivers totaly from your system before you install the new to have the best result.
  3. I have a 9600 Pro and F.E.A.R Extraction Point was giving me all sorts of trouble with the standard ATI drivers. I installed the latest Omega drivers and it now works like a charm.
  4. Thanks guys! :)

    Just tried all sorts of things and benchmarks with 3DMark03, here's the results:

    GPU @ Stock & Graphics @ Stock - 7,621 (CPU got 373, lol)
    GPU o/clocked & Graphics o/clocked - 8,530 (CPU still only got 429, lol)
    As above, with the Omega drivers - 8,509

    So quite a nice performance boost from overclocking, my FPS in Counter Strike Source also shot from very choppy to a stable 35fps which is nice, especially since I'm running it at 1680 x 1050 in full detail on a pretty naff PC :)

    Not too impressed with the Omega drivers, Half-Life ran very slightly better but 3D Mark in particular seemed to come off a tad worse, but most importantly it crashed a few times too and threw up some weird error messages, so I went back to the standard ATI drivers!

    My only concern is that the CPU is running at around 65 degrees under load, it's an AMD Barton so should go up to 85 I think before it starts getting into trouble, but 65 degrees still seems quite high; should I underclock it/whack the fan speed up or should be alright?
  5. SO...the Omega drivers improved the overclocking of your card or did they stay the same? i know that the present Cat drivers suck in overclocking( i get a flickering screen when i increase just 1Mhz!!!)
  6. I recently switched from the Omega drivers back to the latest ATI drivers and Ive had a big improvement in Opengl performance. Doom3 with AA is about 15%+ faster. This is on my Radeon x1950XT. The omega drivers where pretty much the same with my Radeon x800XT.
  7. so are the best(vista) ATI x1900 series drivers?
  8. at the moment, im sure the latest omega drivers are the 7.4 while the latest ati drivers are the 7.8. so yeah, the official ones will have some more improvements.
  9. They're not the fastest, but they are very stable and good for overclocking. After 2 years of using them, at least that's my experience.
  10. They have gone down the drain lately cause of the hd2900, if you have an x1950xtx or lower go for them cause they are good for those cards, but if you have any hd series card then leave them alone. They don't steal ALL your ram like CCC.
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