1950 PRO vs 1950GT

Wich is better to buy for gaming, i got for the the same prices

VGA ATI PCI-E X1950PRO 256M 256B "EAX1950PRO/HTDP/256M" ASUS ATI RX1950PRO , PCIE*, 256MB DDR3-256bit , CLK:581Mhz HDTV, DVI-I*2(1HDCP), HDCP -> Garantie 36 luni

- VGA ATI PCI-E X1950GT 512M 256B "DAX1950GTS512B256HDT" DAYTONA ATI Radeon X1950GT Super -PCIE* - 512MB DDR3 TV-out / DVI/HDTV - 256Bit -HDTV cable+Power cable, DVI Adaptor, Game

* i got a problem with x1950 pro, in 3dmark 2006 at firefly forest test, the screen goes black and remains black until u restart, in others games she's ok, in gothic 3 after many hours of playng , i get the same black screen, i have the lates drivers, it my be a problem with the temperature?
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  1. last time i checked the pro was slightly better than the GT and cooler/less power hungry.

    What sort of psu are you using??
  2. You wouldn't see much difference between the two.

    Are you buying, or do you have one already?...
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