Is my current 600W PSU enough for a GTX with current setup?

Ok so not saying I am going to purchase a GTX NOW... but in the future I see it or the next generation of Nvidia or whichever is best and best value at the time I need this.

Currently I have this PSU:

My current setups is as follows:
e6400 @ 3.2GHz
2GB DDR2 800 Memory
2 SATA Hard drives
X-fi sound card
DVD burner
X1900 XTX at (720/855 OCed)
I also have a fan controller that controls the following:
120mm CPU Fan
120mm exhaust
120mm intake
80mm GPU fan

What say thee? Also to note I WILL be overclocking the GTX if that is what I go with. I just need to be able to figure the budget out in my head and don't want to be suprised with a PSU needing purchased.

Mike Rowe , hahaha
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  1. The label states +12v@36A combined max, and coolmax uses ATNG as their OEM - not the best by any means, but IMHO should be able to handle what it is rated for w/o any issue.

    I think it will work no problem, I would not worry or lose any sleep if I had that unit powering my rig w/ an 8800gtx.

    edit - I calc'd your usage (OC'd cpu w/ stock 8800GTX) to be around +12v@26A at most. Plenty of room for the GPU OC 8)
    I also calc'd your current usage as-is (OC'd cpu w/ non-oc 1950xtx) to be +12v@25A so the GTX will only make it slightly higher than your current specs, with your OC you are probably seeing a similiar load with the 8800gtx upgrade.
  2. Dude that is awesome. Thanks man... er maybe girl I dunno which ya are. haha. Anyways, thanks.

    SO even if I got the Foxcomm OCed 630/2000 GTX I'd be good to go?
  3. "Dude" would be politically correct :P

    The Truth About Graphics Power Requirements V2"]
    X1950 XTX________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}' 125W ²
    8800 GTX ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 132W ² (768MB)
    8800 GTS OC_____}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}' 117W ² (640MB 576/1350)
    8800 GTS ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}| 106W ² (640MB)
    8800 GTS ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}|' 103W ² (320MB)

    Judging from the GTS OC power increase, the foxconn should be around 144w~145w or so. Funny how the stock GTX is only slightly higher than the XTX - yea I would not worry since you are not going SLI or anything crazy.
  4. Haha, ok DUDE... Thanks alot. That IS funny how the GTX isn't much higher than my XTX.. I have the XTX overclocked as well so you'd think it would actually be on par with the GTX. and with the amount of hear it pumps out I can believe it. Hey advances in technology only make things better. Or at least run faster with the same effort.

    Thanks again, I was worried I'd have to upgrade this. And to mpilchfamily, Yeah I was worried about this as well, but when I purchased it had a nice rebate and nothing else was around the same price. I only ever had one PSU pop and it was in my last PC which had the PSU that the case came with and was a 350W running an 5600FX Funny how that blew up. Anyways. that just goes to show quality because that PSU should have held up if it was a quality supply.
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