User Disaster No Admin!!!!!

today my daughter decided to create a user account on my pc . (its runing window xp 64 pro) ..this seems to have removed my user account ...this was a "default account" ie I had not set up any passwords or user accounts before , just went strtaight from the splash screen to the desktop on rebooting I was just offered the option to log on as "Emzy" (the lovely little thing who didi all this if you dont have kids , dont bother!!! 8O 8O )

her desktop had of course next to nothing on it , no e-mail , internet acess to my i-tunes photos etc ... big shout :( :(

on accesssing the control panel / user accounts I could see "emzy" and an icon for a user called " computer a......" the icon was the same as my old default splash screen one 8O 8O

even stranger I could not switch accounts to this account :? :?

does anyone know waht this account could be ? I think anet is a microsoft web programme of some sort?

anyway :wink: :cry: :cry: :cry: I am now left with a new non admin account , none of my settings etc etc :cry: :cry:

any suggestions...obviously adoption but any suggestions about the PC

Di :( :(
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  1. boot to safe mode, enable windows classic login and I think when you reboot you should see her username and the admin.

    click on the admin and set yourself up another admin account.

    the default admin account is not displayed on login window for security purposes. ;)

    I think that should do it. once you setup an admin account for yourself then you can enable the xp login again instead of the classic login.
  2. edkite gave you the solutions, having kids, I'm just letting you know I feel your pain. Having had too many kids/grandkids my advice is get your little darling her own machine ASAP. Kids are malware magnets and if she knows enough to set up her own account, she knows enough to screw things up. There is a direct relationship between how important something is and the likelihood a kid will screw it up. They don't do this on purpose or for malicious reasons, it's in their nature, like dogs stiffing each other butts, it's what they do. It's a great reason (excuse) to build a new machine and what can wifey say, your saving the important things on the computer and your doing it for her not you. :D If don't have the money to put the machine together you want, you can build her one for less than $400, many a little more if you need a monitor. In the short run, to say nothing of the long run, it will be worth every cent and then some.
  3. I have to agree best option is to get the kids their own pc, they are gonna be on it longer and in the amount of time they are on it they will do more stuff download, test, play around with software, which all equal to malware magnets.
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