e6600 OC odd behaviour

I'm trying to OC my e6600 (using the guide from this very site) but it's throwing up some really odd behaviour. When switching on (from the button on the case) it powers up for a fraction of a second then powers off only to power back on and boot up 3 or 4 seconds later. What's really odd though is that no actual overclocking has been done, just the setting up of the OC (getting all the setting done in accordance to the guide). Any help on this puzzle would be great. My system spec is below -

C2D E6600 (cooled by a Zalman CNPS 9700)
Asus P5B Deluxe Wi-fi
2GB Mushkin RAM (4-4-3-10)
1950xt 256MB graphics
X-Fi Fatality
320GB Seagate HD's x2
Hiper 580W Type R PSU
Slot DVD-rw drives (x2)

(Done the usual bedding in with Mem test with no probs).
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  1. Sounds like there may not be enough voltage for that 2997Mhz O/C. Set FSB to 300 and see if she'll boot up at 2700MHz. If not go down to 290FSB again.
  2. Alpha, I have same setup as you, except my p5b-d is not the wi-fi version. My system does the same thing. Fires up a sec, turns off, then fires again a couple of secs later.

    I do not know it does this why but so far this seems to cause no problem. Since the same thing is happening to you I think it must be normal behavior for our board.

    Perhaps someone else has an explanation.

    I have a 700w OCZ game extreme PSU BTW>
  3. I was assuming that this is behavior that occurs only when trying to overclock. Does the mobo do the same thing at stock speeds? Can you get to the desktop after it does this?
  4. Nope it's just after everything is set up for an OC attempt, the everything is running at stock speed (RAM is running 1:1) and once it powers on for the second time it boots and works as normal.

    Right now I've currently got it running Prime 95 torture test at a clock speed of about 2.9GHZ. Temp is bandying around the 55-58deg C mark (not too far above what my XP2700 runs at about -4deg.-) Though since starting this reply it's dropped to around 52-55deg C. What's really odd though is that once I tweaked the FSB to 333 it shut down (upon exiting the bios that is) and when I hit the power button it powered up as normal, no delay, no nothing.

    As it stands this is only a temporary measure (and to see if my first 'real' self build stands up to an OC :) ) as I intend to upgrade the CPU to a quad core now the prices have gone down about £250, I've some birthday cash heading my way and I need the extra cores. Vue 6 Inf. chews up as many cores as you can throw at it and a film project I'm working on requires a hell of a lot of rendering (add two 4GB Patriot kits and I'll have the machine I wanted when I first started building it).

    Just to cover all bases I've also posted this prob on the forums at MicroMart (a weekly £2 mag here in blighty dedicate to nothing but the more technical side of computing, a good read).
  5. I think notherdude is right then, just an anomaly for that board. The quads don't overclock real well from all that I have read but if you have software that can utilize four cores then you won't need an overclock, it'll eat it up at stock.
  6. Sounds like the same problem ABit has with their 965 boards...

    EDIT: Turns out it is a 965 board. Don't worry about, ABit story is that the motherboard components are not 'lit' when it does the reboot thing, only the bios, so no damage will occur from it. Standard stuff, great chipset 965, a few flaws...

    Plus, look at it as 'Eccentric' behaviout, and it becomes something special that sets your rig apart from the rest... :twisted:
  7. same processor, same mobo, same problem. i just figured its rebooting as soon as it find the oc. doesn't seem to do me much harm, barring losing 3 seconds.

    i do have another problem with this overclock though. when i get to about 2.9ish i have the option in mem frequency to go to 800mhz, (400 really) which my ram is capable of- see below. it can't even boot when i set it at its full speed though- please help if you know why - and so i've been running at 667mhz ram till i get a decent cooler (VIGOR MONSOON II IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IN UK) and take it to 3.5 on my current ratio (i.e getting mem to 800mhz)
  8. At that speed, on the 800 divider, you are probably running faster than stock. What does CPUz call the memory speed?
  9. at 3.0ghz the memorys at 833 but i never tryed it to that, i rolled down a few hundred mhz so the divider was 800 exact (i think the cpu was 2.8) and it wouldn't boot
  10. I've read that some P965 (and 975X) have a FSB hole around where they switch strap timings. Try bumping the FSB to 405 (bypassing 400) and see if it boots. You may find that computer boots just fine with a slightly higher clock since the chipset loosens some of the advanced RAM timings once beyond a certain point, but there are certain frequencies at the extreme just before it switches strap that the chipset will have a hard time with, causing these so called FSB holes.

    Here is an article explaining strap for the 975X, but many of the principles hold true for the P965 as well.


    Heres another more directly related to the P965:
  11. I believe we have the same memory. Mine has Micron chips and runs at 450MHz daily and boosts easily to 475Mhz for stable benching at 2.3v 44412 2T. Not sure what chips ar on your sticks but you can try those timings and Vdimm.
  12. Well Prime 95's run for 3 hours without a hitch.
  13. alpha channel-
    Are you running two instances of P95 or just one? Why not use Orthos instead?
  14. Two, I'll give Orthos a go as well, can't test it enough (to be on the safe side).
  15. ahh 2x95Prime is just the same, no need to overdo it. Sounds stable. I do at least 4 hours and usually 6-10 depending how much time I have. A lot of guys swear that you have to run 24 hours or more but I've never had a problem with less (I don't fold though and they have higher needs) of Orthos blend.
  16. Well, booted it up this morning, the first time had the delayed booted (bus speed at 321MHz for some reason) had to go out so I shut it down. Came back it booted first time no delays and the bus speed has gone up to 333MHz (which it was supposed to be in the first place). It's almost as if something was a bit stuck. Anyway thanks for all the help very much appreciated. :D
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