My OS is Vista home premium and if I shut my PC off (not restart) for longer than a few minutes I get a blue screen for msahci.sys when I start back up. Something about corrupted page file in non-paged area or some such (should have it memorized I see it almost daily).

BSOD most often happens just before desktop loads and causes system to restart. Normally goes through this several times before finally loading windows and going to desktop.

Any of the other Vista users here having this trouble? Maybe even found a fix for it.
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  1. You'll need to run a memory testing program. Page file in nonpaged area normally suggests bad memory
  2. Suggestions on what program to use? I am in no way a techie so the easier the better.

    Thank you.
  3. MEMTEST86 or Vista's own memory test under the Admin section in the control panel
  4. Thank you.

    Used Vista memtest. Found no errors. Back to square one I guess.
  5. Can you cause the error to show up again and send me the screenshot
  6. Not sure how to take a screen shot. I can certainly make it happen again though. Just have to shut down my PC for an hour or so.
  7. My laptop has the same problems. Happens whenever the PC "wakes up" from one of the energy savings modes or just after idling for a while.

    Memory tests and BIOS tests did not reveal anything (over 25 passes). New mainboard, new Vista DVD, updated drivers, ...nothing can rid the PC of this BSOD problem.

    Because XP doesn't install on my laptop, I am screwed until I burn myself a nLite version with SATA drivers...
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