Virus??? Need help diagnosing/removing please!!!

Here is the problem:

I am trying to fix my uncle's computer but I don't know exactly what is wrong with it other than what I have been told. Supposedly the computer (something purchased from Dell so I am not sure on the specs, but it is Windows XP) goes to a blue screen upon being booted up and it says that it is "deleting files". This screen comes up on its own and is not initiated by the user. My problem is... what do I do first? Do I dare turn it on and try to diagnose the problem? I am guessing this is most likely a virus and if it is, I will need help/advice on removing it if someone would be will to help me out here. Thanks in advance for any help/advice that you are able to give.
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  1. you need to tell us the error on the blue screen, bsod(blue screen of death) is most likely a conflict some where not a virus ;)
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